Get the debut album “Characters” from Invisible Cartoons! Download for $8

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1. A Catastrophic Atmosphere
2. Who Do
3. Watching the World
4. Jackson Pollock
5. Funk Wok, Cheap Thang
6. Alive
7. Last Call
8. Sousaphone
9. Dream Catcher
10. Undivided
11. Happy to Be Here
Described as “a musical explosion of joy and exuberance”, the debut album “Characters” from Invisible Cartoons is catchy, boisterous and beautiful in a Smile Rock sort of way. It’s the first release from a band that came to life in late 2013, drawing from its members’ shared vision to create dramatic, high-energy songs about love, friendship and good times. This album represents the fruition of their goal to be positive, have fun and make music that gets people moving.

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